Welcome to the new era of canal boat painting

We all love the traditional canal boat decorations.  Wherever in the world these craft wend their leisurely way, there are painters dedicated to this folk art, incorporating the culture and traditions of their own countries.

Yet look beyond the narrowboat sign writing and traditional canalboat decorations and you will find a new genre of art that is reflecting the passion of boat owners to personalise their pride and joys.  Out go the canal boats’ roses & castles and in comes eye-catching artwork.  From brazen collages to loud graffiti, from pastoral scenes to rural trompe l’oeils, the range of designs is limited only by imagination.

And yet, it is the quiet waterway scenes depicted in the examples on this web site that truly capture the essence of this new art form.  Scenes that blend into the landscape while still sparking fun, surprise and amusement.  Add in portraits of the owner toiling at the tiller with his wife striding along the towpath and you will have created a picture that will bring pleasure for generations.

And how many people can say they live in a work of art!